Corporate culture

Here, colleagues feel and treat each other like friends. 

Corporate culture

Continuous development is
our status quo

We live in a world that is changing rapidly, driven by technology. Not content with the status quo, we drive innovation to enable technological and personal development. Surf the wave of progress with us.

Diversity & Inklusion 

Vielfalt ist ein fester, unabdingbarer Bestandteil unserer modernen Gesellschaft und gehört zum Fundament unserer Unternehmenskultur. Unter Vielfalt, Inklusion und Diversität verstehen wir bei hema die Gleichwürdigkeit aller Menschen – unabhängig von Geschlecht, sexueller Identität, Nationalität, ethnischer Herkunft, Religion oder Weltanschauung, Behinderung oder Alter.

Deshalb verstehen wir es als Teil unseres unternehmerischen Auftrags, Diversität und Inklusion aktiv zu fördern, zu bewahren und daran zu wachsen - gemeinsam mit unseren Kollegen. Sowohl in unserem Unternehmen als auch in der Gesellschaft sowie am Wirtschaftsstandort Deutschland möchten wir ein Vorbild für Vielfalt sein. Offenheit, Respekt und Toleranz sind für uns dabei die leitenden Werte, denen wir uns vollumfänglich verpflichtet fühlen.

"This is how we roll"

Our values are

We are effective in all our actions.

Family and community
We treat customers, employees and partners like family.

Learning and growing
We strive for continuous improvement.

Passion and discipline
We work with enthusiasm on our tasks.

There is a lot to do: let's get started and apply.

Family means strong support in all life situations

The compatibility of work with different phases of life and individual interests is also firmly established at hema. With a variety of flexible working models as well as a technical infrastructure for mobile working, hema offers a comprehensive range of services for all phases of life. Because we are convinced that everyone benefits from equality - both at work and in partnerships and families. hema is committed to equal opportunities at all levels so that all can develop their full potential.

In the 40 years of my entrepreneurial activity, it has always been common sense that my family is an integral part of my day. It takes ambition and energy to hold your own in our technical environment and at the same time not lose sight of yourself and your family. Today I look back and see that it was worth every effort.
Charlotte Helzle, Managing Director and mother of 4 sons

at hema

At hema, you have many different options for balancing your work and private life. This means something different for everyone based on their individual lifestyles, personal needs and family demands. For example, part-time work for on-the-job studies, parental leave for young mothers and fathers or a flexible home office model. We support you in your personal work schedule to give you space and valuable time for your fulfilled life. Because we are convinced that people who like to work live better. And vice versa.

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